• 10kw Solar Panel System - Off Grid System

 10kw Solar Panel System - Off Grid System

    Our OFF GRID 10kw Solar Panel System is designed to work in every part of Great Britain . It does not matter if you live in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Cardiff our Solar systems will work for you and your family.
All items are matched to work together and all items are included so the install can be done over a weekend provided you are an able DIY enthusiat.

Our 10kw Solar System was designed to power not only our 17kw Air Source Heat Pump which only takes in 5.2kw of power and output 17kw of Central Heating which is more than enough to heat a 2500sqf detached house but also your home office or Workshop.

What is in the box I hear you ask, well full details are below;


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10kw Solar Panel System - Off Grid System

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