• 5Kw Grid Tie Power Inverter

 5Kw Grid Tie Power Inverter

   Our Growatt 5kw Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is ideal for large Solar arrays and is suitable for On Grid use in Great Britain.
Labelled as a 5KW hybrid unit which means it can be powered by a Battery bank and or a Solar Array, maximum continuous power output is 5000 watts or 5KW , maximum surge power output is 8000 watts or 8KW 

Can be linked to a Second Growatt Grid Tie Inverter to give you 10kw or if you add a Third Growatt Grid Tie Inverter then you will have 15kw of self generated power. It goes without saying that you will need to add more solar to provide more power and also our 800watt Wind Turbine


Max. DC input power 5KW
Max. DC input voltage 550V
Start Voltage 100V
PV Voltage range 80V-550V
Normal voltage: 360V
Max. input current 15A
Max. input current per string 15A
Number of independent MPP trackers/strings per
MPP tracker 2/1
Rated AC output power 5kW
Max. output current 22.7A
AC nominal voltage range 230V single phase
AC grid frequency range 50/60Hz,±5H

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5Kw Grid Tie Power Inverter

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